There Is A Gang In Our Neighbourhood

The "link" to this post got published before I had a chance to write the story. I had set it to save a week out and then I got sick. If you were confused, here was what the article was supposed to say ...

Hubby and I were going for a walk with the kids the other day and I noticed the graffiti that was new and everywhere. It's terrible! Hubby tells me they are gang letters. Apparently I live in a cave - but this cave has Google, friends! So I came home and checked out the letters "BFC".

As part of my unofficial hypothesis, the research suggests this group is the "Crips". "Originating in Los Angeles, California in 1969, The Crips are one of the oldest, largest and most notorious gangs in the United States".
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The Crips hate the Bloods (another gang). This is likely the use of "BFC!" although I can't seem to understand the "F".

I'm going back to my cave now, after I turn on the alarm. Sometimes you need a sheltered lifestyle or you would just go crazy with all the ill-will in the world around us.