How Much Puke Can One Little Body Make?

I haven't been doing a great job blogging this week because we've been sick at our house. On Tuesday I got hit super hard and had a fever, chills and sweats, and could barely lift my head. Grandma (my mommy) came to save the day (having been sick with it the day before herself but mostly recovered). When she saved our day it was enough to set her back and she's weakened again. I love Grandma and I'm sorry she got sick (again ...) from us.

I don't know how much more puke my husband can clean up and I can "catch". Revolting, I know. This has been our reality for a week now. My daughter (3 years old) gags very easily in general. It doesn't help that this deep cough sets her off. I've had to sleep in her room every night to help her when she wakes up, keep her quiet, and try to sleep myself to rest and get rid of my cold. I'm sure hubby appreciates my efforts to not get him sick, too. Thankfully the fever seems to be breaking for both the kids and myself and I think hubby has avoided the cold or flu (whatever it is) thus far. It just keeps going on and on though. It's the weekend now so lots of fluid and rest should get us all on the mend. I hope!