A Birthday Note to Travis James

Happy first birthday to you, my darling Travis. One year ago today you were already one hour old. This year has swiftly passed and you have become quite the little boy. You are now seriously cruising but not quite walking. You get into everything. You even pretend to chatter on the phone and are starting to say "dadadadada" and "mamamama". You have a fantastic personality and are easy going - unless Ava tries to take a toy you really want; wow do you have a hard and fast grip and you sure tell her it's yours by shrieking at her! I've witness a few spats between you and your sister where you both cry but it's short lived and you soon both are playing nicely together once the offending toy has been forgotten. I love you Travis and I am so glad that you came into our family. I am looking forward to seeing what being one does to you :)