The Basement

I got the basement really on a roll and now hubby and I have a "plan" for getting rid of stuff. I have tons of items on Kijiji. No kitchen sink but there is a fridge! I'm adding more to it this morning. I'm practically giving the stuff away so we can have room for
hubby to tear down some poorly designed layout walls in the basement bathroom (from the previous owner). This will open it up and allow for the window to shine light into the dark spaces of the basement. Once that is knocked down we are moving the computer area there and putting a few items to the then-cleared storage area. It feels so free to have a plan.

I have people interested in picking up items I've listed already too which makes me feel great. Everything I earn from that will go towards the renovations - and my plan is to have CASH saved for whatever we need to do. Tear-down, my hubby tells me, costs $0. How exciting!

My schedule is going great. I do one "zone" a week and some zones I am realistic with two weeks for that area. Although, the basement jumped in so I'll need to re-address the other zones that got bumped when the basement zone comes up. Because I didn't know where to start either I started at the top, front room and made my way through the house room by room from there.

Freedom from the clutter feels great and a plan feels the greatest!

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