2009 Goals

Thanks to Niki at Free 2 Be Frugal for inspiring me to set my 2009 goals and post them.

Health Goals

Lose 15 pounds

Exercise 2-3 times a week

Drink more water

Eat well-rounded meals (including all four food groups)

Financial Goals

Complete Suze Orman's "Women & Money" goals over the allotted 5 months

Shop for Christmas gifts year-round

Continue with "Smart Cookies: Women & Money" group once a month for motivation

Homemaking Goals

Organize menu plans and shopping lists weekly

Sit down and eat at least one meal daily as a family at the table


Finish basement renovations and make into a play/games/movie room

Family Goals

Continue family nights once a week (Saturdays)

Enjoy date night once a month with hubby (and get a babysitter booked well in advance!)

Focus on each moment with the kids - the house can be clean when they move out

Creative Goals

Limit interests to ...

  1. Reading

  2. Crocheting

  3. Pen Pals