Organizing My Home

I finally got to clear the hallway and organize things into their proper homes. The pile of items to sell is not huge as I thought it might be and it didn't take nearly as long as I had considered the job before I started. The label maker I purchased to label totes was really fun too! I even got to take inventory of our deep freezer, clean it out, and thoroughly vacuum and tidy up the cold room. My husband thanked me (and then the "but" ... his tools are apparently a mess ... at least I put them all in one place and tried to put like with like!). I still have the furnace room to do - it's mainly sorted but, typical for hubby, he things it's organized and not that bad - ha! Hope there aren't any tools in there ;)

I also had a deal with myself that if some clothes I was trying to sell on Kijiji didn't go prior to the Diabetes Foundation calling for donations (they come to the house and pick them up) then it would go to them. I have a green garbage bag, another large bag, and a good sized box all packed up and ready for them to take away tomorrow. Yippee! I feel FREE!!