Vacation Brain

(Me before vacation)

It is 12:30AM. The kids and husband are asleep. Why am I not?

My mind is whirring with random thoughts. I think it all started when
vacation did. I seem to have really needed this break or "freedom". Should I feel guilty that I am pleased to have some me time without clingy children all day? That I am relishing, perhaps even more than the grandparents themselves, that the children are visiting with their extended families and I'm taking a back burner and a much needed rest from the rigors of daily life and responsibility?

I'm realizing right now that the kids haven't had regular baths, meals, diaper changes or clothing changes from me since we've been vacationing one-and-a-half weeks ago. Ah the freedom. Ah the rude awakening I am in for when I need to get us all back on a routine when we return. But kids are supposed to thrive with different things thrown at them once in a while, no? I'm holding fast to that hope while mommy reads and catches up on the internet.

(Me now)