Overwhelmed In The House

It's Sunday morning, just after 11AM. Yesterday I got a huge amount accomplished errand-wise and in the house (I dusted, put a lot of stuff away that hasn't been done since getting back from a two-week vacation LAST Sunday, and scrubbed all four bathrooms). We even squeezed in a birthday party for one-year-old Ben!

So why do I still feel SO overwhelmed today? I do have the main floor and the basement that I need to get organized, finish drying, folding and putting away four loads of laundry (two are folded at least) plus file papers in the office, organize the toys that are taking over the main floor, figure something out with the laundry room that is going to need to accommodate five kids now plus two adults AND set up a crib, install the car seats and get the high chairs all arranged. I'm tired just typing it. And having my 2 year old Ava whining beside me is not helping my anxiety. The decluttering that I HAVE gotten around to needs to be listed to sell too!