Reasons Why I Work From Home

When I decided not to go back to work outside of the home I sat down and wrote a list of reasons why to stay home. As I've just accepted a third child care client (in addition to my own two kids) all of whom are two-years-old or younger I wanted to remind myself just why this is.

1. so my kids won’t fall asleep while crying at the front door for me to come back and take them home from the babysitter

2. to raise our children with our morals and values

3. so I will not miss developmental milestones

4. to afford a cleaning lady

5. financial security and the satisfaction of contributing to family finances

6. to be able to afford family vacations at least once per year

7. to complete home projects that include painting and adding window coverings in the master bedroom bathrooms and hallways as well as replacing the carpet on the main stairs and in the three bedrooms with hardwood floors (this is the reason for the additional child but it's only until mid-December and at that time I will re-evaluate keeping an extra)
I am sure there are more but these are the ones off the top of my head.

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