Summer Programs & Activities

Egad! Our regular programming is ending this week! I thrive on our daily and weekly routines as do the children. If I do not have plans for the day then it never ends and the kids don't like it either. I like to be up, dressed with make-up, breakfasted and out
the door on our way to a set activity or play date by 8:00AM (maybe 8:30AM at the latest).

I have been fairly pro-active in getting a variety of free or low-cost programs that will be offered in the summer at several locations. I'm also part of a home childcare providers network and there are a few outings planned through them that are low cost due to my kids all being under 2 years old. We are going to the African Lion Safari on June 24th and I am really looking forward to it! My husband will also be joining the kids and I as I'm not completely crazy to take four kids under two all alone!

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