Monday, July 06, 2015

Menu Plan ~ July 2015

I have a home daycare so this is family friendly.

To view the image larger, right click on the menu and "view in new tab".
You can also "save as" to your computer and print it from there.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Jean's Modern Quilt

This lovely modern quilt was a pleasure to longarm for my client, Jean.

Since there were so many hard lines in the piecing of the quilt top we decided to go with a modern swirl pantograph titled "Bubbles" to soften the look of the quilt using a white thread colour.

Enjoy the photos.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

TBT First Blog Post & Life Update

I was going through some of my older blog posts and I started right at the beginning.

My very first blog post (read it here)  was April 14, 2008. The kids were so wee! A had just turned 2 and T was 3 months old. AND I HAD A CLEANING LADY!!

Fast forward 7+ years later ... I'm the cleaning lady now and, if you read yesterday's post, you'll know that I've smartened up and have my now 9 and 7 year old children cleaning with me. I don't care if it's perfect, I just care that they contribute to the household and learn to care for their homes one day.

If you are a blogger, do you remember your first post? How has your life changed since then?

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

First Week of Summer Break

First of all, HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadians out there!!!
This is the first week home with the children since school let out.

Last week I was rushing about like a mad-woman decluttering the basement so that we would have a nice area to escape the heat and for movie time where I could get a little bit of a break and catch up on what I need to do. I barely got it done but it's definitely in good condition for them to play with lots of space!

On Sunday night I had a brainstorm on some teachable moments for the children as well as some help for me around the house. I want to instill good habits and keep them off electronics, not bored and also getting in some learning time while making it fun. Big goals, I know.

Sunday night we sat down and came up with a schedule for Monday (the first and the test day). They each wrote a list with my help. Monday looked like this:

8:30AM go for a walk or work out DVD if raining (30 minutes)
9:30AM library - sigh up for summer reading club, return books & videos, choose 1 chapter book each, pick up hold items
10:30AM snack
10:45AM weekly home blessing / cleaning hour
11:30AM set table, eat lunch, clean up from lunch
12:00PM nap (daycare children) and quiet activity (read for 20 minutes) then we can play a bit of Wii
1:20PM make homemade ice cream
2:00PM wake up time and outdoor recess / free play
3:00PM snack
3:30PM make schedule for Tuesday as a group

They are excited, I am excited, my timer is getting charged so we can keep the day moving along. It's going to be a great summer if it works!

How do you get stuff done and keep the kids day full and fun?